Case Studies

Simple Petri Nets

An editor for Petri Nets with the possibility to trigger transitions has been implemented. Although this editor has been realized for a tutorial, it already shows impressive results

  • The rendering of the model depends on values stored in the model (i.e. the colour of the places).
  • The graph is active: transitions and places can execute user-specified actions that may impact the model.
  • The MVC principle is fully respected, all the views are automatically refreshed once the model is modified.
  • A model can have several dependent or independent views.
  • Grasyla specifies both the graph layout and the widgets panel.
  • See the documentation section to learn more about this case study

KM3 Importation

M3 metamodels can be imported as models and transformed into native meta-models. This video illustrates the importation of the BPMN KM3 metamodel.

OWL Importation

An importer for OWL files has been developed.

URN (User Requirement Notation) Modelling Langage

fully compliant editor for the URN modelling language has been developed. The complete Grasyla specification is 1200 lines long versus 12.000 up to 20.000 LOC of Java code for the graphical counterpart in the JUCMNav dedicated tool.
We don’t claim that our tool is better than the JUCMNav tool, this study has been conducted with the University of Ottawa to validate the expressiveness of Grasyla on a set of modelling languages that were defined independently of MetaDONE.
Two short screencasts about the use of GRL and UCM with MetaDONE

Grasyla Bootstrapping

MetaDONE is fully reified. It has then be very simple (and funny!) to generate the Grasyla script from a Grasyla model .

BPMN 2.0 Editor

This plugin implements 99% of the BPMN 2.0 metamodel. This video explains the creation process of a representative BPMN model. The original version has been created with the signavio CASE tool.

Java Program Understanding

VizuDONE is a plugin that captures all the pertinent events from the Java virtual machine and produce a customized/able view to provide all the relevant information about a situation